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Promo Photograph 2021


Hard Rock Casino, Lake Tahoe

Shelagh O'Neill
Nick was fabulous. It was just a beautiful feeling all around. I couldn’t sit down... Thankyou for singing George’s song!
You guys were “FAB” in Tahoe.... I couldn’t sit still.... keep the music going, it’s Lovely?

Joni Gorman
It was a an awesome show!!! ????

David Schaffer
Awesome concert don't miss you won't definitely won't be dispointed! You'll realize George had a truckload of great songs..??

JEC Dorsey
Awsome gig bloody fantastic not to be missed if you love the beatles and George its a must see concert

He.. even.. speaks kinda like George.. Wow

Jean Martin
Very pleased to see Nick doing so well! A very talented musician

Ricky Vacca
You are Diamond, Mate!!

Aditya Sumantri
at first gavin pring joined the fab four, i thought he was nick bold... both are the best george harrison's impersonators for me so far... XD

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